Originally from Eufaula, Alabama, hip-hop artist 5 Star Franko has been involved in the music scene ever since he can remember. Growing up, the artist recalls his passion and deep-rooted appreciation for music evolving from constantly being surrounded by it through his family. As his father was a nightclub owner in addition to a concert promoter, 5 Star Franko eventually grew to love everything about music and the art of performing.


Realizing the potential of 5 Star Franko, his parents decided to buy him his own studio and production equipment. This, in turn, allowed the artist to develop his career, further bringing life to the “5 Star Franko” movement. About a year ago, at the age of 14, the artist hit the ground running, perfecting his songwriting and arranging skills. When asked what he typically writes about in his songs, he states how his catalogue is very diverse, but mostly he likes to make people dance while also encouraging them to succeed in life.


The 15-year-old artist stands apart from your average artist, as he has pledged to help shine light as well as finance efforts to end social issues such as teenage smoking and bullying.


With the help of his supportive family, 5 Star Franko formed his own music label, Prezidential Music Group, which has proven to be successful in such a short amount of time. His label has allowed him to cultivate connections in the music scene, as he has already signed three independent artists and two producers. As 5 Star Franko’s success and mature demeanor has continuously caught the attention of others in the industry, he receives frequent performance requests.


The versatile, multi-talented artist recently completed his first mixtape titled “IAm5StarFranko”, which consist of 11 self-written tracks. With the release of the project right around the corner, 5 Star Franko is becoming increasingly excited for what is to come in the future. After listening to his single, “Up Next”, he has every reason to be. 5 Star Franko has major plans for himself as an artist and as an entrepreneur. Aside from aspiring to become a multi-platinum artist, 5 Star Franko plans to branch into other business ventures such as acting and modeling. It’s safe to say they don’t call him “5 Star” for nothing.

5 Star Franko is a multi-talented multi-faceted artist unlike any other. He is 5 Star for a reason, (1) he writes, (2) records, (3) performs, (4) models, and (5) acts. 5 Star Franko hopes to sign his Prezidential Music Group imprint to a major label in the near future and begin touring to promote his music. Make sure you check out his music and sign up to our mailing list so you get the latest and greatest news the moment it happens. 

“IAm5StarFranko” will be available early July on platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud and Spinrilla, so make sure to check it out. Follow and stay connected with 5 Star Franko on his social media below!


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5 Star Franko

5 Star Franko